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This rare, unstable isotope is produced from ordinary nitrogen 14.
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Terri Seymour (born 1974) is an English television presenter and actress whose debut on British television came in the 2001 series of Wheel of Fortune.

Seymour later worked as the entertainment correspondent for Extra in Los Angeles, and American Idol correspondent for Fox.

Music mogul Simon Cowell has said that his three-year-old Eric has not one, not two, but five girls on the go!

Apparently the toddler made the adorable confession when his father questioned him on his love life.

Typical positive character traits of Sagittarius include: Generosity, Altruism, Candour and Fearlessness.

Negative character traits could be: Overconfidence, Bluntness, Brashness and Inconsistency.

Therefore, lucky days are Thursdays and lucky numbers are: 3, 12, 21 and 30.

Violet, Purple, Red and Pink are Terri Seymour's lucky colors.

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Coco, the daughter of his dad’s ex Terri Seymour was placed at the top spot to wed his mini me, and it wasn’t just one-sided either.Meanwhile, Will's wife, Terri, reveals some surprising news, leaving Will to figure out a new way to make ends Exchange LA on Sunday (November 6) in Los Angeles.Major themes of Season One included the characters' desires to escape the confines of small-town Ohio life and make an impact on the world rather than remaining a "Lima Loser." Many of the story arcs, most notably Quinn's pregnancy and the New Directions' rivalry with Carmel High's Glee Club Vocal Adrenaline, are related to this concept.The other major motif of season one was the characters concealing and revealing their true selves.Going up against Mc Kinley's cruel high school caste system and facing harsh criticism from everyone around him, Will is determined to prove them all wrong.