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The majority of sexual assaults on college campuses involve unwanted contact.

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“Aria’s getting married,” Hale told that his believed-to-be-dead ex would do “nothing to get in the way of Aria and Ezra.” "We’re going to get some closure," he said. It’s really good, and I think people are really going to be satisfied with it,” she told us.

"He was really devastated when she basically passed away and we’ve seen some closure." However, Nicole's unexpected resurrection ultimately drove a wedge between the engaged pair. I’m just really excited for everyone to see the ending that we have, because I recently found out who A. RELATED: Get an Exclusive Look Inside Lucy Hale's "Life-Changing" Trip to Mexico City with Smile Train April can’t come soon enough.

She first appeared on television in the reality show American Juniors in 2003 and was part of the vocal quintet formed with the top 5 finishers, but the group disbanded in 2005 after lackluster sales.

Actors Who Hooked Up with a Co-Star in Real Life' st_url=' display Text='Facebook' crew has a whole lotta co-star love, too!

And that’s including the magical series’ biggest stars, Selena Gomez, David Henrie & Jake T. Though the television show came to an end at the beginning of 2012, we still have a special place for it in our hearts…

“He’s got the whole mysterious thing going on, and he’s quiet but still really sexy.

During relationship breaks on the show, Keegan would sometimes call or text her late at night saying he missed her. Shay and Ash can be seen in many photos on their Twitters and Instagrams, and each considers the other her best friend; Shay even referred to Ashley as the “little sister” she never had!

The two have done a bunch of live chats together, in addition to posting numerous vids of themselves goofing around.

She responded: "I would date Spencer because she seems really smart and worldly.

She's a cool girl."Spencer would indeed be a kick-ass girlfriend.