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Who is karina pasian dating

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Here’s Greatestlove by Musiq–the song that represents the past.If you know me, you know how much of a music fiend I am, so using music as a metaphor for love is just perfect to me–touches my soul in a special place.Progressing over the years, he took up challenges not only in front of the camera but also behind it as a director.By voicing ‘Firestorm’ in the animated series ‘Batman – The Brave and the Bold’, he added another feather to his bonnet.

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Uh huhhh Ahhh oohh ahhh Uh huhh [Verse 1:] I don't like the way you look at her She looks at you It's frustrating People say when we were together It looks more like you two are dating More than you and me [Bridge:] I tell you some things you do Make me uncomfortable You tell me I'm tripping And I should let it go So I wonder to myself Would you still think it's all good If the shoe was on the other foot I don't think you would, no [Chorus repeat x2:] What if your friends started Paying more attention to me? ) And when you're not around He goes out of his way to come And chill with me [Repeat Hook:] [Repeat Chorus:] [Bridge:] La la la la La la la La la la la La la la la la What if I did what'd you do, baby? [Chorus (Karina's ad-libs)] What if your friends started paying more attention to me? (Hande it yeah) What if your friends started paying (yeah) more attention to me? [Chorus] What if your friends started paying more attention to me? I came across a song on Spotify yesterday that made me travel back in time and up to today’s reality within the 3 minutes and change that the song lasted.It reminded me of a song by Musiq that I loved from the moment I first heard the opening melody and provided me with a timely follow-up/update to it.Tyler James Williams is an American actor, musician, film director, music video director and hip hop record artist.