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So when Victoria Beckham opened up the contents of her black leather bag in a video released by fashion magazine Vogue this week, the results were tantalising.

The ultimate status symbol, it isn’t even made of plastic — the laser-etched card is made from titanium.

The 28-year-old actress attended the premiere of her new movie Authors Anonymous in Los Angeles on Tuesday, with her sister Briana, and opted for understated elegance to promote the flick in which she has top billing.

Speaking about the wedding day itself, she gushed: 'I felt like a rock star and a badass.

The Call Me Baby Web-based service, pictured below, includes a “urgent” button where paying customers in a special hurry can expedite calls for an extra fee.

“Sparta,” the nickname of the cybercrook who runs the service, warns customers that if the call service has to make a second call to complete the transaction because of insufficient information provided by the customer, that customer will be charged twice.

The kennel was the cleanest I have ever seen with three different levels of accommodations for your pet.

"Paradise Pet Resort boarded our toy poodle for two nights and gave him a bath just prior to pick up.

One image shows slices of pizza atop i Pads with the caption: 'we ran out of plates', whilst another shows an Apple mac being used to hold a window open and an i Phone being used in place of a coaster.

Am Ex’s invitation-only card was introduced in 1999 and requires a joining fee of more than £4,000 and annual fee of £2,200.

American Express refuses to reveal why some clients are offered the back Am Ex while others are not, but some say you have to spend around £200,000 a year, have a household income of £1 million, and enjoy a net worth of around £13 million — a pittance compared to the Beckham’s estimated joint wealth of £500million.

They have a web cam in the kennel so when we were overseas we could watch our dogs. I will be emailing my friends about your business and letting them know that it is THE place to take their pet!

It is the first boarding facility that I have ever used that didn't smell like either urine or antiseptic. We took my dogs and my in-law's dogs and watching them interact, it was obvious to us that they were well taken care of. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone and use them if we ever need boarding again."We watched her on the webcam from North Carolina. We really felt good about leaving out little family member in your care.