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Your station's performance statistics are available at these locations: - NOAA's QCMS Statistics for APRS Wx Net Citizen Weather ("flagged" stations only) Hourly | Daily | Weekly | Monthly - Russ Chadwick's QCMS Interactive Retrieval Page- Get feedback of your weather station's performance by registering with Phillip Gladstone Quality Reporter Suite which includes a Quality Assurance Listserver and Graphs Email Service (.CWOP communications protocol does not allow other computers to connect to your computer, rather CWOP members connect to a trusted CWOP server, upload your weather data, and immediately disconnect.Why not add weather data from your own locality to this map?All you need is a basic automatic weather station and PC interface.

All needed customization can be performed in the script.// the list of timezone names // pick the one that is closest to your location and put in $SITE['tz'] like: // $SITE['tz'] = 'America/Los_Angeles'; // or // $SITE['tz'] = 'Europe/Brussels'; $SITE['time Format'] = 'D, d-M-Y g:ia T'; // Day, 31-Mar-2006 pm Tz (USA Style) $SITE['latitude'] = '37.27153397'; //North=positive, South=negative decimal degrees $SITE['longitude'] = '-122.02274323'; //East=positive, West=negative decimal degrees $cond Icon Dir = './metar-images/'; // directory for metar-images with trailing slash $SITE['fcsticonstype'] = '.jpg'; // default type='.jpg' # // use '.gif' for animated icons from # $SITE['uom Temp'] = '°F'; // ='°C', ='°F' $SITE['uom Baro'] = ' in Hg'; // =' h Pa', =' in Hg' $SITE['uom Wind'] = ' mph'; // =' km/h', =' mph' $SITE['uom Rain'] = ' in'; // =' mm', =' in' $SITE['uom Distance'] = ' mi'; // =' mi' or =' km' // end of customizations This is the number of seconds to use to determine the maximum age of the METAR report to display.This is a listing and ‘clickable’ map of known independently-run UK weather stations which upload weather reports automatically to a website to a frequent (more than once-daily) schedule.If you're using that code, you'll want to download the version found on Ken's plugin page.The version here is designed for anyone else who wishes to use it.This script reproduces much of the functionality of the Wunderground display of historical data for an individual station.