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Documenting how to upgrade Solaris 10 Update 9 (U9) to Update 10 (U10) using Live Upgrade (LU) on ZFS. Install the 10_sparc_0811_patchset (6 zip files - unzip then run the install script) 2. Failure to do this step will result in BE creation failures (Well, it did for me....). You MUST USE either the init or the shutdown command when you reboot. From the research I've done the best method for just patching (not upgrading) is to follow these steps: 1. Once the LU patches are applied the BE that will be used for the U10 upgrade can be created. NOTE: You MUST NOT USE the reboot, halt, or uadmin commands.You can perform a standard interactive upgrade with the Oracle Solaris installation program or an unattended upgrade with the Jump Start installation method.Live Upgrade enables you to upgrade a running system.With the reboot, it might take up to one hour and a half as the luupgrade process is time-consuming. Should I do the Live Upgrade without the reboot for the pre-upgrade patches (142909-17, 137137-09) so I can do the lucreate/luupgrade/luactivate while the server is running and have 5 minutes downtime or do the reboot after the patches and accept that downtime might take up to 2 hours.You can do it with a single reboot but it is not advised.requires users to obtain a WSKey to run the software.Before downloading EZproxy, please request your WSKey.

Since I'm using LU why don't I go for the Upgrade option instead of just patching? First steps are to upgrade the existing Live Upgrade to U10 version (as per most Oracle Documentation, but I'll be specific about one.

119254-LR Install and Patch Utilities Patch 121430-LR Live Upgrade patch 121428-LR SUNWluzone required patches 138130-01 vold patch 146578-06 cpio patch (The most recent replacement for this patch is 148027-03) 7 patches need to be done before Live Upgrading the server with lucreate, luupgrade and luuactivate.

I have been told that a Live Upgrade from update 8 to update 10 can be done with 5 minutes downtime on a ZFS server.

Oracle Whitepaper - How to Upgrade and Patch with Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade). A new BE will be created in which the Upgrade to U10 will occur - the new BE won't work correctly post upgrade unless this occurs.

I'm upgrading using the U10 ISO which is stored on an NFS SAN volume.