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Updating data using linq to sql

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If you don't know what LINQ is; it's a new featureset in the .NET Framework 3.5 that allows more SQL-like querying of any kind of data.but this means when the passed collection (filter) is an empty set it will basically result in all the data cause it just returned the query param.I was expecting it to filter all value, is there a way to do this?

In this tutorial, we introduce the Document DB query language capabilities and grammar through examples.

In the case of LINQ to Java Script, it provides the ability to query against Arrays.

JSLinq Editor 2010/03/16: LINQ for Java Script: Using and Extending JSLINQ 2008/01/24: LINQ to Java Script (JSLINQ) Open Source Project Launched! He is a Microsoft MVP for Bing Maps, a Co-Founder of Carto LLC, and the Owner of Simplovation LLC a software development consulting company that specializes in Mapping/GIS related application development.

Here's an example where I demonstrate how to write set-based queries using the Data Service Context : [Extent1].[int Id FRLEstado] AS [int Id FRLEstado], [Extent1].[var Descripcion] AS [var Descripcion] FROM [dbo].[PVN_FRLEstados] AS [Extent1] WHERE (2 = [Extent1].[int Id FRLEstado]) OR (4 = [Extent1].[int Id FRLEstado]) OR (8 = [Extent1].[int Id FRLEstado]) Sorry new user, I would have commented on the actual answer, but it seems I can't do that yet?

Anyway, in regards to the answer with sample code for Build Contains Expression(), be aware that if you use that method on database Entities (i.e.