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There was a problem validating your software license phpmydirectory

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Emma Batley: at one point I even got a window saying "Your trial has expired" but I am a cc member...Sanjay kumar: Thank you for confirming., Emma Batley: The apps do not open at all Sanjay kumar: Emma, please try to launch any of the Creative Cloud application and let me know when you see Trial Expired page, Emma Batley: Just window open/closing saying Validating licence Emma Batley: I have to quit Adobe Installation Manager to stop it Sanjay kumar: Thank you for confirming.8B041-EC7D2-0B9E3-09846-E8C71 C8D82-514B9-068BC-8BF80-05061 A18A3-E05E5-7DED7-D09ED-298C4 FB1EC-C9844-B9B20-ADE2F-0858F E9AED-945C8-4BAAA-6938D-713ED 4D284-C5A3B-734DF-09BD6-6A34C EF534-3BAE4-860B5-D3260-1CEF8 D84DB-B8C72-5BDEE-1B4FE-24E90 93AF2-80813-CD66E-E7A5E-BF0AE C3397-93AA3-6239C-28D9F-7A582 D83B8-697C6-58CD1-56F1F-58180 you are hashing a "sortof" random value.without storing it and looking through stored keys you can not know if it was generated by your script.

We also suggest submitting the necessary access details in your original ticket so the issue may be investigated, debugged, and resolved more quickly.

It does not need validation during the normal use of the software (unless your license information stored in the computer gets deleted or becomes corrupted for some reason). If your firewall prompts you to allow the connection, you can allow it for our software and the validation will be performed automatically.

If your system administrator restricted you from making changes to the firewall settings, our software will prompt you to validate the license manually, via your web browser.

Emma Batley: this is what it says: Emma Batley: Emma Batley: ## # Host Database # # localhost is used to configure the loopback interface # when the system is booting. ## localhost broadcasthost ::1 localhost fe80::1%lo0 localhost Sanjay kumar: Thank you. Emma Batley: ok, it's open Sanjay kumar: Please sign in and let me know Emma Batley: I have been signed in Sanjay kumar: Thank you.

Sanjay kumar: Please click on Gear Icon and sleect "Preferences"Sanjay kumar: Then under "Preferences", window click on Account and click on Sign out Sanjay kumar: Let me know once you signed out of Creative Cloud Desktop.