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Normally, I go for older guys, but there's something about this one that I like. While that sounds kind of odd, I do have an age limit for the people I date - it's about 18-30.
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Meanwhile Beatz’s soon to be ex-wife wants us to know that it’s not true that her marriage was already over when Alicia Keys stepped in and stole her man.

Singer Mashonda has penned one of the best “wife to the other woman” rebuttals that I’ve ever read.

Why aren't these women talking smack about the person who actually cheated on them?Not out of malice, but because weddings are sacred. The only reason I went to his birthday party was because he invited me and I did that for myself. And I was like ‘Wow, this is real.’ We were still totally married…We had a divorce that was nowhere near final, but I just needed to see them in action for it to be real to me, and it was definitely real. Every woman deserves to feel that, not at the expense of another woman though.You have all these different types of steps that you have to set up for yourself until you get to that place where you are free. But I understand why some of the decisions were made on her part, because her heart was so in it.When asked by VIBE that if she were to be invited to the wedding if she’d go, she says no.She also recalled when she attended Beatz’ birthday party and saw the happy couple together—while they were still married.“No.The little boy is dressed in a tuxedo, leaning over his father as he checks out his baby brother.