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At the 1977 World Championships, his left knee cartilage ripped and locked in place.

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Join us at Nerd Nite XXXI on 31 March, be there and be square! The eye might be the source of early and patient friendly diagnosis.Friday 31 March Doors open at First talk at at CREA Muziekzaal Nieuwe Achtergracht 170 1018 WV Amsterdam Facebook event page Alzheimer diagnosis: the eye as a window to the brain? This could mean a first step towards a world without AD.Besides our great Amsterdam chat product with live video matchmaker users can send email messages to people in the area.The Amsterdam dating scene can be hard to find the right person at times; however, we are here to help and our Amsterdam online dating service is free to register.The agencies somewhat naively assumed that people would be truthful, rather than choosing the answers that would best attract potential mates.

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In his Ph D in neurology he aims to visualize Alzheimer’s disease(AD) in the eye; the retina in specific. In everyday life, we use expressions like this all the time to briefly halt the conversation to fix some trouble, then seamlessly pick up where we left off.

He also combines running and charity for AD-research in two editions of ‘de Damloop voor Alzheimer’. Finding answers, you may say — but that means we had better be asking the right questions. Amazingly, this practice seems to be uniquely human: no other animals seem to be able to fix communicative trouble in this way.

In years to come, anthropologists will list the 21st century into categories. Some of you bright young things might not even be old enough to remember the dating scene prior to the popularity of Smartphones and the invention of apps for dating. Ten years ago, if you weren’t the kind of person that found it easy to meet new people at bars, clubs, supermarkets, police stations, or the workplace, one of the most common (and time consuming) way of meeting partners was by joining an online dating agency.

BT and AT, which are acronyms for before and after Tinder. Babies that were born as a result of Tinder flings. If only the great writers of romantic poetry were alive in the 2000’s.