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What is the difference between Standard and Premium Memberships? Back to top People you see online are not actors, they are real people living their routine lives in apartments equipped with video cameras.

I looked through all the cameras but saw no one in the apartment How can I cancel my membership/subscription? Real Life Cam is a unique website where you have the chance to observe the private life of other people in live round-the-clock.

The video reveals that set up for the elaborate prank involved building a fake display wall in a real-life New York electronics store, leaving room for the costumed actress to crawl out. Some of the reactions are pretty priceless, and fortunately for the actress, they all favored flight over fight.

Check out the prank and gets some lolz in the video below.

It is not known who of the featured celebrities were aware of or consented to their likeness appearing in the video.

Dunham shared “some disjointed thoughts” on the clip in a lengthy post to Facebook on Monday night, calling it “one of the more disturbing ‘artistic’ efforts in recent memory” and saying it was emblematic of “rape culture”.

Things get a little too high-def for some unsuspecting shoppers in the market for a new TV when Samara comes crab walking through the screens of the screen display.

The list of available apartments is provided on the left side of the main page and on the right side you will see the drawing of the apartment with indication of the video cameras among which you can choose.

The list of the video cameras is also provided beneath the drawing. You can hear everything in the room that you are watching. Back to top Standard Membership RLC Replay service allows you to watch videos recorded by all cameras in the past 24 hours. When you select a camera, you will see Activity Timeline, a graph of motion activity for the past 24 hours.

In the video, the camera slowly pans over their faces and bodies, pausing over each famous figure and parts of their anatomy.

The portrayals are understood to be hyper-realistic wax statues, but in some cases it appears to be the actual celebrity posing.