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Appreciating gems and jewelry is about focusing mainly on appreciating moldings and colors.

Chinese jade carvings elicit elaborate artistic conceptions of beauty.

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Shaoshan lies about an hour's drive out from the provincial capital of Changsha.With the opening of Shaoshan South Railway Station, there are now hourly trains from Changsha to Shaoshan, starting at 7AM until 6PM. The train station is a short drive from the Visitor's Center, making a day trip to Shaoshan from Changsha very convenient . Go eastward, you will get to Xiangtan City; go northward, you will reach Changsha and Zhangjiajie Cities.There are buses to Xiangtan at an interval of 15 minutes from 5AM There are also buses to Changsha every 30 minutes from 7AM to PM In addition, you can take the buses equipped with air-conditioners to Shaoshan in Changsha Southern Station.Its capital is Hecheng, also known as Qingtian City.Before 1963 when Qingtian county was ruled by the central government to go under the administration of Lishui, Qingtian county had been for the entire of its history a county of Wenzhou city from 323 AD to 1963 AD for a total of 1640 years. It is spoken in Qingtian county of Lishui prefecture in Zhejiang, China.