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As a new senior partner, Harvey has to hire a Harvard-educated lawyer as his associate.During the interview, Mike proves to Harvey he is the best candidate and is subsequently hired, despite the fact that he does not have a college degree, let alone one from Harvard.We went to that Cloud Forest in the Dome; we were both so delirious and tired from our flight, we couldn’t believe that we inside a glass dome with plants!We also went to the top of the insane building with the boat on top of it (ed: referring to Marina Bay Sands) and it was great. Swanky characters, smart lines, sharp dressing, pop culture references, the right amount of tension. For those of you who need a little background info: The show is set at Pearson Hardman, a fictional law firm in New York.Mike, a young and smart underachiever, was kicked out of college for selling the answers to a test and now makes a living as a bicycle messenger.

Speaking during an online Q&A session with fans on Reddit, the 35-year-old actor was also asked what it was like kissing the actress now that she could be set to be joining the Royal Family.“Hey Patrick!

During a Reddit AMA, one fan asked, “What’s it like making out on-screen with the potential future princess of England?

” The Canadian-born actor replied with, “The same as it was before she was potentially a future princess of England.” So does this mean that Patrick J.

What's it like making out on-screen with the potentially future princess of England? The Canadian star responded cheekily: “The same as it was before she was potentially a future princess of England.”Patrick has starred opposite Meghan Markle, also 35, since Suits started back in 2011, playing a couple.

Meghan portrays Rachel Zane, a paralegal working at the firm Pearson Hardman but who is aspiring to be an attorney.