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A speech impediment isn't a turn off to me, someone very dear to me has trouble pronouncing "th", it comes out as a soft "v", I'm so used to their pronunciation that I forget that the have this "problem" until others mention it. If it is natural then I feel sympathy and admiration for the sufferer who must face great difficulty is affected, a la Jonathon Woss.... My daughter, when she was a wee one, liked to have a 'boddled edd' for breakfast every day....cute is that! "..hey if people dont like it they can go 'Th**k themselves! I have met many people, and I say give me a sweet innocent gentleman, who has a good personality, who suffers from a speech impediment..opposed to a man who has perfect speech faculties and no personality. Anyhow when I can speak properly I'll judge those who can't. This is especially true when i feel under mental pressure or am having a bad time. Also dated a guy with hearing impairment which affected his speech ... I donĀ“t see or hear the disability - I see & hear the person.
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