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[Chorus] How can we make it, love, when I don't trust? We need more than love, more than love [VERSE 1: Amerie] It's a bad situation and I'm tired of pretendin' Everythin' is alright when we argue Half the time, almost every night It's a hard road I'm facin' So maybe I should keep it movin' Cause I can only trust you, baby Far as I can see what's in front of me [PRE-Chorus] You keep tellin' me That I keep askin' you these questions That don't make no sense But we both know they do (they do) Now we arguin' And now you're leavin' once again And I just sit here wonderin' what will I do (I do) [Chorus] [VERSE 2: Fabolous] Answer me this, now do you really wanna go there?