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However, you can run a browser on Windows to access a non-Windows server. These may result in deployment errors after restarting the servers. Defining extraction criteria for an indicator from such a variable may cause unexpected behavior and is not supported Bug ID: 22697862 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All While defining extraction criteria for an indicator or unique instance identifier based on a BPEL variable, usage of XPath functions is not supported. Workaround: None Refresh button does not work in Custom Dashboards Bug ID: 22811363 Added on: 21 March 2016 Platform: All When using custom dashboards, clicking Refresh Data does not refresh the custom dashboards. Workaround: On the Custom Dashboard pane, expand the filter area, edit any filter and click Apply. Input Box for Navigating through Pages in Instance List Page Does Not Work Bug ID: 22838669 Added on: 14 March 2016 Platform: All The input box to enter a page number for navigating through pages in the Instance List page does not work. Workaround: Use the other navigational controls like forward or backward to navigate through the pages.