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Khun and tiffany dating

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Plus, Nichkhun himself revealed how he knew Tiffany (and others) since they both lived in United States.However, at that time he was merely trying to hide his relationship with Tiffany so he put the rumour to rest by saying they were both from the same “gang”.Lol honestly thinking that Taemin will slip one of these days and pull a Junki and Jongkyung. I honestly thought Haesica was real before, like early 2009 lol idk so many dating rumors about them. And no to Taeteuk lol I don't like Taeyeon at all but gurrrl you could do better Lately i'm getting alarm signals from Shin Hye and Yonghwa...I would be the most happy fan if they are real because they click so much but i'm good with them being only bff because their friendship is adorable.If they are real i doubt we will get a photo because both are very private people. I was literally happy dancing the day the news broke out. They are both extremely sweet, friendly and down-to-earth people.I liked Taeyeon-Kangin better, but they seem like really good friends instead. And I'm probably the only one who ships this, but Yuri/Joo Won PLEASE!!!! after gd and deasung's hwashin interview daesung's like stating that he currently has a gf in japan.. I think she's too young for him.taeyeon and leeteuk together makes me torn between saying 'she deserves better' or 'it makes so much sense'and khun would be one adorable couple, like their babies would be cuter than puppies, kittens and rainbows all together!And Khun is too cute for Fany, I'd like her better with Changmin, although it seems Changtoria is real. As for Jonghoon and Sulli, c'mon that's hardly his type! i think dara is also dating someone ehem ehem jung il wooheechul and sulli? taecsica is realzzz i like this pic betterand i think that wooyoung just broke up with his gf or smthng cause when he was here in the ph gawdddd he was wasted as efff I'm stilly delusionally hoping Jihyun and Hyungsik are real. i wouldn't be surprised if taec was banging sica, but ngl, the soshi pairing i always liked him with the most was with fany (especially after that fo2 episode)iu, poor poor iu.victoria and changmin are cute, but she is stealing my man!

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Article: [Exclusive] Tiffany and Nichkhun, dating for 4 months... [ 528, -24] Hul, from Yoona and Sooyoung going public to Fany and Sica's dating rumors and Hyoyeon's rumors ㅜㅜ What's going on with SNSD??? SM-JYP idol couple Source: Sports Seoul via Naver 1. [ 172, -10] 2PM and SNSD well ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They've dated each other so much it's not even surprising ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 7. [ 316, -21] Taecyeon was so careful with his interview today... [ 3,142, -164] Ayy~ There's a saying that no one's too busy to meet up with their s/o's, even while on the run from war ^^3. [ 1,073, -55] I bet 100% Taecyeon has a girlfriend too5. Seeing how long they've been dating, I think they'll last a long time. He was waaaaaaaaay happier after that in interviews and stuff. i want yunra so be real just to cause pain to all the delusional yunjae fans who are nothing but assholes (to not say anything worse), who keep saying nasty thigns to ahra, wishing her death and all that.kangin is UGLAY~ i always thought he was so fug, and i'm still not over that he actually played prince shin, what a sin.i love shin hye and i adore yonghwa, aso i like this coupling, but idk i would always have imaginated her with a manlier man or someone older.jonghoon has game!