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A materialized view is automatically revalidated when it is referenced.In many cases, the materialized view will be successfully and transparently revalidated.In addition, we see the following passage (all references to IA-32 Intel=AE Architecture Software Developer's Manual Volume 3A: System Programming Guide, Part 1): The INVLPG instruction is provided to invalidate a specific page-table entry in the TLB. Intel have decided to not include microcode updates for any newer Haswell processors launched since April 2014 in their future BIOS updates for their boards, even though the processor and chipsets are compatible. wapkw=desktop board haswell refresh" So you m..invalidation/timings/instructions[ I posted this to intel but received no response.Normally, this instruction invalidates only an individual TLB entry; however, in some cases, it may invalidate more than the selected entry and may even invalidate all of the TLBs. I came across diskettes with "Mailmerge 3.0 and Calcstar version 1.45 for CP/M 8080", that seem to be for a Dec Rainbow machine. Hopefully one of you gurus can help out.] Intel offers two ways of invalidating entries in the TLB: INVLPG which invalidates a single entry, and replacing %cr3 which clears the entire TLB. I've been unable to find them looking in the IA-32 manuals as well as some of the data sheets.My solution was to copy the whole class, and some of the private support stuff it needs, from to a unit of my own, rename the class, and proceed from there.This is certainly not an optimal solution, since you may have to modify this unit every time you upgrade Delphi, to include modifications made to the original TCustom Grid class, and it also limits what you can do with this unit.

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Thanks Paul Klink Some time back I also developed a virtual grid based on TCustom Grid and quickly realized that this class is simply not designed with easy extension in mind.Invalidating Materialized Views Dependencies related to materialized views are automatically maintained to ensure correct operation.When a materialized view is created, the materialized view depends on the detail tables referenced in its definition.Also, I do not understand why this method is required. Repaint();), that you suggest us previously to invalidate a row, but don’t work. Perhaps, we will be able to offer another solution to you. If you try to expand columns with double click for apply best fit to the column, you reproduce my problem (you see it on number column): some cells text are truncate. May we ask you to open a new issue for each question, suggestion or a bug report you want to post? Is possible to change the border style of the focus rectangle from dashed to solid line?Please provide us with more detailed information about this task in a step-by-step manner. Is there another method to use, without invalidate the whole grid? What I can do for expand columns like Apply Best Fit also for cells with bold value? I attached my little example where you can see my problem: when I select a cell, the border of focus rectangle is dashed.Since it contains a lot of Embarcadero code, for example, you could not sell your control with source. -- Peter Below (Team B) Don't be a vampire ( use the newsgroup archives : use only. However I am soooo close to what we need in our grid - have managed to work around other issues. (I know that there will always be *another* problem but at least I could meet my current expectations.) Thanks, Paul Iwant to select a row and column in gridview with select radiobutton.