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France can fairly be said to have been a leader in the development of Romanesque art and Gothic art, before the Italian Renaissance led to Italy replacing France as the main source of stylistic developments until the age of Louis XIV, when France largely regained this role, holding it until the mid-20th century.Currently, the earliest known European art is from the Upper Palaeolithic period of between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago and France has a large selection of extant pre-historic art from the Châtelperronian, Aurignacian, Solutrean, Gravettian, and Magdalenian cultures.France observes 11 French public holidays each year, however, only May Day is classed as a statutory (paid) holiday in France; the entitlement to other paid French holidays and the conditions for working on French national holidays (such as higher pay) are left to the discretion of the employer-employee contract or union, so check the French holiday calendar when looking for jobs in France.Most French holidays apply across the nation although two regions, Alsace and Lorraine, have two extra French public holidays.Some businesses may opt to close completely during a bridge holiday in France.You can see which French bank holidays coincide with the top French festivals, as it's a great reason to travel the country and experience French food and culture.

When French holiday dates fall on a Tuesday or Thursday, employees in France commonly make a 'bridge' holiday (), creating a very long weekend.

Père Noël (Santa Clause) fills shoes left in front of the fireplace instead of stockings.

Père Fouettard might also appear if children have been naughty and will give out spankings instead of presents.

, restauranteur and food critic, unified the best French cooking techniques in a standard recognizable form.

L'Escoffier also created a traditionally French organizational system for professional kitchens based on a division of labor, There are many french traditions that are associated with holidays and celebrations.