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Since the 1890 federal census was destroyed in a fire, you can use this list of names as an additional tool beyond Ancestry, the census and Brown Books, to document your ancestors whereabouts during the 1890's. You can also find a lot of information at Faded, a free resource where you can ask the owner for information on your ancestor. David Aardsma - The DA Hank Aaron - Hammer, Hammerin' Hank, Bad Henry Ed Abbaticchio - Batty Dan Abbott - Big Dan Al Aber - Lefty Cliff Aberson - Kif Harry Ables - Hans Cal Abrams - Abie Bobby Abreu - El Come Dulce, La Leche Jose Abreu - Oso, Yogi Bill Abstein - Big Bill Alfredo Aceves - Ace Jose Acosta - Acostica Jerry Adair - Casper the Friendly Ghost Jimmy Adair - Choppy Dan Adams - Rube Joe Adams - Wagon Tongue Karl Adams - Rebel Matt Adams - Big City Bob Addy - Magnet Grady Adkins - Butcher Boy Harry Agganis - The Golden Greek Sam Agnew - Slam Eddie Ainsmith - Dorf Jack Aker - Chief Bill Akers - Bump Hanser Alberto - Radio Ed Albosta - Rube Dale Alexander - Moose Pete Alexander - Old Pete Jorge Alfaro - The Legend Antonio Alfonseca - El Pulpo, The Octopus Edgardo Alfonzo - Fonzie Bob Allen - Thin Man Dick Allen - Wampum Walloper, Richie Hezekiah Allen - Ki Horace Allen - Pug Myron Allen - Zeke Rafael Almeida - Mike Luis Aloma - Witto Sandy Alomar - Iron Pony Felipe Alou - El Panqué de Haina Jesus Alou - Jay Walter Alston - Smokey Ernie Alten - Lefty Dave Altizer - Filipino George Altman - Big George Jose Altuve - Gigante Luis Alvarado - Pimba Henderson Alvarez - The Entertainer Pedro Alvarez - El Toro Billy Alvord - Uncle Bill Alexi Amarista - Mighty Mouse, Little Ninja Larry Andersen - LA Bill Anderson - Lefty Brian Anderson - Antic Ferrell Anderson - Andy George Anderson - Andy Harry Anderson - Harry the Horse John Anderson - Honest John Sparky Anderson - Captain Hook, Sparky Varney Anderson - Varn Walter Anderson - Lefty Ernie Andres - Junie Ivy Andrews - Poison Stan Andrews - Polo Bill Andrus - Andy Cap Anson - Cap, Pop, The Marshalltown Infant Luis Aparicio - Little Louie Kevin Appier - Ape Ed Appleton - Whitey Pete Appleton - Jake Luke Appling - Old Aches and Pains, Luscious Luke Angel Aragon - Pete Maurice Archdeacon - Flash, Comet Fred Archer - Lefty Joe Ardner - Old Hoss Hank Arft - Bow Wow Harry Armbruster - Army George Armstrong - Dodo Morrie Arnovich - Snooker Orie Arntzen - Old Folks Bronson Arroyo - Saturn Nuts, Smokey, Tacks, Dirty Jim Asbell - Big Train Richie Ashburn - Whitey, Put Put Alec Asher - The Big Cat Billy Ashley - Light-Tower Power Charlie Atherton - Prexy Chub Aubrey - Chub Elden Auker - Submarine, Big Six Tex Aulds - Tex Jimmy Austin - Pepper Earl Averill - Rock, The Earl of Snohomish Dick Aylward - Dandy Joe Azcue - The Immortal Azcue Loren Babe - Bee Bee Fred Baczewski - Lefty King Bader - King Pedro Baez - The Human Rain Delay Jim Bagby - Sarge Bill Bagwell - Big Bill Jeff Bagwell - Baggy, Bag Pipes Stan Bahnsen - Bahnsen Burner Fred Bailey - Penny Homer Bailey - Homer Bock Baker - Smiling Bock Home Run Baker - Home Run Kirtley Baker - Whitey Tom Baker - Rattlesnake Steve Balboni - Bye Bye Rocco Baldelli - Woonsocket Rocket Henry Baldwin - Ted Mark Baldwin - Fido Hal Bamberger - Dutch Dave Bancroft - Beauty Ernie Banks - Mr.Cub Jimmy Bannon - Foxy Grandpa Tom Bannon - Ward Six, Uncle Tom Walter Barbare - Dinty George Barclay - Deerfoot Clyde Barfoot - Foots Len Barker - Large Lenny Ray Barker - Buddy Bruce Barmes - Squeaky Bob Barnes - Lefty Brandon Barnes - Superman Frank Barnes - Lefty Jesse Barnes - Nubby Junie Barnes - Lefty Virgil Barnes - Zeke Clyde Barnhart - Pooch Les Barnhart - Barney George Barnicle - Barney Billy Barnie - Bald Billy Aaron Barrett - Bear Bill Barrett - Whispering Bill Bob Barrett - Jumbo Dick Barrett - Kewpie Dick Frank Barrett - Red Johnny Barrett - Jack Ed Barry - Jumbo Hardin Barry - Finn Dick Bartell - Rowdy Richard, Shortwave John Barthold - Hans Eddie Basinski - Bazooka, Fiddler Jim Baskette - Big Jim Emil Batch - Heinie, Ace Joe Batchelder - Win Rafael Batista - El Gallo (The Rooster) Frank Baumann - Beau Jose Bautista - Joey Bats Harry Bay - Deer Foot Don Baylor - Groove, The Sneak Thief Bill Bayne - Beverly Belve Bean - Bill Desmond Beatty - Desperate Johnny Beazley - Nig Clyde Beck - Jersey Erve Beck - Dutch Rod Beck - Shooter Charlie Becker - Buck Heinz Becker - Dutch, Bunions Jake Beckley - Eagle Eye Steve Bedrosian - Bedrock Roy Beecher - Colonel Joe Beggs - Fireman Jim Begley - Imp Mark Belanger - The Blade Bill Bell - Ding Dong Cool Papa Bell - Cool Papa Fern Bell - Danny Gary Bell - Ding Dong George Bell - Farmer George Bell - Liberty Heath Bell - Heater Juan Bell - Tito Ralph Bell - Lefty Albert Belle - Joey Rafael Belliard - Pac-Man Jack Bellman - Happy Jack Brandon Belt - Baby Giraffe Johnny Bench - Little General Andy Benes - Rain Man Joe Benes - Bananas Frank Bennett - Chip Fred Bennett - Red Allen Benson - Bullet Ben Rabbit Benton - Stan Joe Benz - Blitzen, Butcher Boy Todd Benzinger - Mercedes Johnny Berardino - Bernie Juan Berenguer - Señor Smoke, El Gasolino Joe Berger - Fats Marty Berghammer - Pepper Al Bergman - Dutch Lance Berkman - Big Puma, Fat Elvis Roger Bernadina - The Shark Joe Bernard - J. Bill Bernhard - Strawberry Bill Jose Berrios - The Machine, La Maquina Geronimo Berroa - The Chief Claude Berry - Admiral Joe Berry - Hodge Joe Berry - Nig Joe Berry - Jittery Joe Frank Bertaina - Toys in the Attic Don Bessent - The Weasel Bill Bethea - Spot Harry Betts - Chubby, Ginger Charlie Bicknell - Bud Ed Biecher - Scrap Iron Carson Bigbee - Skeeter Lyle Bigbee - Al Elliot Bigelow - Babe, Gilly Emil Bildilli - Hill Billy Harry Billiard - Pree George Binks - Bingo Frank Bird - Dodo Greg Bird - Bird Dog Ralph Birkofer - Lefty Joe Birmingham - Dode Frank Biscan - Porky John Bischoff - Smiley Bill Bishop - Lefty Max Bishop - Tilly, Camera Eye Bill Black - Jigger John Black - Jack George Blackburn - Smiling George Jim Blackburn - Bones Lena Blackburne - Slats Ewell Blackwell - The Whip Paul Blair - Motormouth Walter Blair - Heavy Andres Blanco - Whitey Gregor Blanco - White Shark Henry Blanco - Hank White Fred Blanding - Fritz Homer Blankenship - Si Larvell Blanks - Sugar Bear Don Blasingame - Blazer Curt Blefary - Clank Clarence Blethen - Climax Jerry Blevins - Blev Ron Blomberg - Boomer Otto Bluege - Squeaky Bert Blyleven - Frying Dutchman Joe Boever - Boever the Saver Xander Bogaerts - Bogey John Bogart - Big John Ray Boggs - Lefty Wade Boggs - Chicken Man Charlie Bold - Dutch Bill Bolden - Big Bill Jim Bolger - Dutch Cecil Bolton - Glenn Hank Boney - Haney Bobby Bonilla - Bobby-Bo Luther Bonin - Bonnie Barry Bonnell - Preacher Bill Bonness - Lefty Rod Booker - Book Luke Boone - Danny Ray Boone - Ike Amos Booth - Darling George Borchers - Chief Paul Boris - Bo, Lone Ranger Tom Borland - Spike Harley Boss - Lefty Lyman Bostock - Abdul Jibber-Jabber Ricky Bottalico - Ricky Bo Jim Bottomley - Sunny Jim Al Boucher - Bo Lou Boudreau - Old Shufflefoot, Handsome Lou, The Good Kid Jim Bouton - Bulldog Larry Bowa - Gnat Frank Bowerman - Mike Stew Bowers - Doc Grant Bowler - Moose Emmett Bowles - Chief Weldon Bowlin - Hoss Elmer Bowman - Big Bow Bob Boyd - Rope Oil Can Boyd - Oil Can Cloyd Boyer - Junior Henry Boyle - Handsome Henry Jack Boyle - Honest Jack Harry Boyles - Stretch George Bradley - Grin Hugh Bradley - Corns Jackie Bradley - JBJ Dallas Bradshaw - Windy Bill Brady - King Jim Brady - Diamond Jim Bobby Bragan - Nig Asa Brainard - Count Ralph Branca - Hawk Al Brancato - Bronk Norm Branch - Red Ed Brandt - Big Ed Michael Brantley - Dr. Alford was born May 15, l909 to Martha Jackson and William Noble in Seminole County. She is preceded in death by her first husband, her parents, two daughters, six brothers and four sisters. Alford of Wewoka, Ellis Alford of Norwalk, Calif., Wesley Alford of Inglewood, Calif., and Willie Alford of Cerritors, Calif. 4/22/97 lgk Ina Arbaugh, 89, died Sunday in Seminole. Monday at Churhc of Christ in Seminole, with Idus England officiated, assisted by Mike Bentley. Axton was an active partner with her son Hoyt Axton, well known musician and television personality in the creation of the Jeremiah record label. He was preceded in death by his parents, four brothers and three sisters. Barrett worked in construction trades and was also a carpenter and painter. He was preceded in death by two brothers and three sisters. He attended Bradley University, Peoria, Ill., where he received an associates degree and certification in horology, the making of timepieces. He moved to Seminole County 25 years ago from Richardson, Texas. Beasley retired at age 70 from Rockwell as an Air Craft Design Engineer. Rose Hill Cemetery in Tulsa under the direction of Gaskill-Owens Funeral Chapel. She was born July 29, 1907, in Waveland, Ark., to Joseph B. Beil was an elementary school teacher and taught at Stuart, New Lima, Seminole and Tulsa schools. Henry, both of Manteca, Calif.; and two grandchildren. He was a member of Saint Stevens Baptist Church in Wewoka. He was vice-chairman of Professional Economics Committee of State Bar, Assistant County Attorney for six years, and past president of Seminole County Bar Association. He was affiliated with the Church of Christ, a member of the American Legion and a Seminole State College Booster. Anna Lou Blalock, 58, died at Seminole Municipal Hospital today. Friday at Prairie View Cemetery in Mc Comb under the direction of Pickard Funeral Home, Konawa. Survivors include eight sons, Calvin Boatman, Joe Boatman, Faye Boatman, Greg Boatman, Laverlle Boatman, Jesse Boatman, and Daniel Boatman, all of Oregon; six daughters, Patricial Ross, Janice Richardson and Diana Boatman, all of Vian, Carolyn Frison, Gloria Boatman and Jackie Boatman, all of Oregon; one sister, Mable Fisher, Asher; one brother, Dan Waldrup, Shawnee; and a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Graveside service for Konawa-Asher area resident Ruby Marie Boler, 78, are scheduled for 11 a.m. She worked as a housekeeper at Central State in Norman. But their hearts soared as Katie Elizabeth arrived to accept all of their love and return it tenfold. He was preceded in death by his parents, two brothers and one sister. Bourque, Cromwell, Mary Woody, Prague and Janice Aldridge, Shawnee; two brothers, James Brazell, Ashville, N. Funeral services for former Seminole resident Frances Bruner are scheduled for 11 a.m. The police report indicated Bellamy is still missing a JVC cassette player, checks, a brown wallet with ID and a CD case containing 20 cds, all valued at 0. Carpenter was also preceded in death by his parents, one son, Lee Roy, in January, 1990; one grandson, seven brothers, and one sister. Carroll died at his home in Houston, Texas on Friday, Aug. Carroll moved to Wewoka in 1926 at the age of 17 to work in the Seminole oilfields. Burial will follow at Maple Grove Cemetery in Seminole, under the direction of Swearingen Funeral Home. He was born March 8, 1914 in Wayne to George Younger Carruth and Ethyl (Claxton) Carruth. He was a member of First United Methodist Church of Seminole and a member of the Masons and Elks Lodges. Casket bearers are Nobie Lowden, Harold Dickerson, Buster Richardson, Jim Prather, Bill Buley, Bob Gregory. 3, 1907 in Graham, Texas to Henry and Lillie (Estes) Sluder. Chase was a member of Ideal Street Baptist Church, and the Seminole American Legion. Pallbearers will include Steve Copeland, Barrett Vanlandingham, Jimmy Welch, Steve Rasure, Frank Anderson, John Starkey and John York. Choate died in an explosion near Konawa early Sunday. 19, 1981, in Oklahoma City to Kathy and Robert Lewis Choate. Navy, and a commander of the American Legion for several years. Other survivers include one son, Howard Clayton II, Texas City, Texas; one daughter, Monique (Beers) Tinker, Mc Alester; three granchildren and four great-grandchildren. Former Seminole resident, Billy Joe Clegg, died Thursday in Biloxi, Miss. He was an oilfield pumper and later worked for over 30 years for the Oklahoma State Highway department. He was preceded in death by his parents, his wife, and a daughter, Janova Dale Clower. Coleman was preceded in death by two brothers, Larence Welch and Clifton Welch. Collins, Madison, Wis.; one daughter, Suzanne Jones, Seminole; one brother, Gene Collins, Oklahoma City; one sister, Barbara Hale, Oklahoma City; six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Interment will follow at Rest Haven Memorial Gardens under the direction of Swearing Funeral Home. At the request of Conwell, memorials can be made to Omega Alpha Christian Center, Rt 2 Box 186, Wewoka, OK. 6/17/97 lgk 10-26-97 Funeral services for Jimmie Ella Cook, 79, are scheduled for 2 p.m. She was raised in Wagoner County and moved to Wewoka at the young age. Honorary pallbearers will be Charles Collins, John Henderson and Stan Symon. After retirement, she moved to Greenville, Texas before moving to Purcell in 1994. He moved to Seminole nine years ago from California. Cothern is survived by his wife, Tuki of the home; two sons, Jack Ryan of Seminole and Billy of Salem, Ill.; and one daughter, Betty Mowry of Decateur, Ill. She attended Seminole schools and Seminole Junior College. She was preceded in death by her parents; one son, Tom Beaver; and one brother, Bill Dan Darland. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Moore. KONAWA Graveside services for Myrtle Cravens, 81, were held today at Konawa Cemetery. The life-long Konawa resident died Saturday in Seminole Municipal Hospital. 27, 1915 in Madill to Mark and Lou Bracken; both parents preceded her in death. Davis was baptized at an early age and was a member and usher at St. She was a member of the Wewoka Cemetery Commission. Davis was also preceded in death by her parents, one daughter, Dorothy Griffis and one son-in-law, Freddie Griffis. Wake services are scheduled to be held this evening from p.m. She was preceded in death by her husband, Guiles, three brothers and five sisters. and Harriet Dawson of Long Beach, Calif.; a sister, Letha Lemonn, also of Long Beach; four grandchildren, Kent Dawson of Seminole, Keith Dawson of Guthrie, Paula Russell of Louisiana and Donna Breslin of Long Beach. Interment will take place at Wewoka United Indian Methodist Church Cemetery. Deer worked in pipeline construction for Shawver and Hailey of Maud for several years. Survivors include one niece, Gerilyn Mc Intosh, Oklahoma City. Honorary pallbearers will be Curtis Davis, Dan Harjo, Angel Lowe, and Newman Williams. Denny were held at Wolf Cemetery, 10 miles south of Seminole at 10 a.m. Denny died Saturday at the Fairfax Memorial Hospital at the age of 90. The couple made their first home in Snomac, near Seminole before moving to Fairfax in 1977. Pallbearers will include Louis Chase, Oartie Anderson, Denny Evans, Gene Knight, Tom Springer and Todd Vesely. Burial will take place at Oaklawn Memorial Gardens in Spencer under the direction of Keller Funeral Home of Wewoka. 1, l905 in Seminole County Indian Territory to Logan Noble and Susie Mills. 4/24/97 Funeral services for Silas "Sie" Duncan, 81, will be held in the chapel of the Swearingen Funeral Home at 10 a.m. Saturday at Parks Brothers Funeral Home Chapel in Okemah. Burial will take place at Highland Cemetery in Okemah. She was born June 7, 1904 in Weleetka to Joe Henry and Ollie Lee (Keithley) Coslett. Funeral services for Sandra Easter, 48, are scheduled for 2 p.m. Easter died Tuesday at Seminole Municipal Hospital. 6/19/97 6/5/97 Funeral services for Ethel Eberle, 84, are scheduled for 2 p.m. Virgil Romine will officiate, and burial will follow at the Eberle Family Cemetery. Survivors include two sons, Claude Eberle of Smithville and Ted Eberle of Konawa; four daughters, Betty Parrett of Bartlesville, Barbara Moon of Sasakwa, Ramona Scott of Ada, and Laveda Head of Marshall, Va.; one sister, Mildred Parks of Santa Rosa, Calif., 14 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by on daughter, Georgia Lou Jane Edwards in August of 1978. Survivors include his father, Bearl and adoptive mother, Melva Jurgensen, Love Grove, two brothers Jerry Eidson, Seminole and Benny Eidson, Tecumseh, three sisters, Earlene Alexander, Phyllis Comer and Mary Sebastian, all of Shawnee. Funeral services for Dorothy Marie Peterman Elliott, 74, Maud resident, are scheduled for 11 a.m. Honorary pallbearers were Ryan Smith, Daniel Taylor, Robert Keith Sanford and Darell Morgan. Evans, San Diego, Calif., Howard Evans Jr., Mustang, and John Evans, Holdenville; one daughter, Nanette Neese, Wewoka; one sister, Clarice Price, Chandler; eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Survivors include his mother and his wife, of the home; one daughter, Carol Morris of Konawa; one son, Billy Everhart, Jr. of Konawa, John Everhart of Arizona, and Larry Everhart of California, and two granddaughters. Wednesday at the Central Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. Casket bearers will be Terry Young, Curtis Young, Jim Ladd, B. Burial will follow at Wewoka Westwood Cemetery under the direction of Rolfe Funeral Home. Interment will follow at Rosedale Cemetery, Ada, under the direction of Criswell Funeral Home. Honorary pallbearers will be Bennie Stephens, Charles Bundy, Michael Stephens and Mark Hanna. Funeral services for Helen Wilson Armstrong, 86, are scheduled for 10 a.m. Funeral services for Mary Delilah Arvin, 91, are scheduled for 11 a.m. He attended the old Cooper School and was reared in the Konawa and Asher area. 5, 1928, in Bartlesville, to Everett and Nina (Whitaker) Baxter. She received her masters degree from East Central State College. Survivors include a stepson, Darrell Ben, Edmond; two brothers, Lloyd Henry and Joe C. Funeral services for Arthur John Bergerson are scheduled for Monday at 2 p.m. Bergerson died Thursday in Seminole at the age of 86. Casket bearers named are Mike Hawley, Bob Hawley, David Sanders, Ray Taylor, Johnny Grandstaff and Vernon Rattan. He was employed by General Electric Aircraft Engine Business in Cincinnati, Ohio for 15 years. Bishop attended law school at Oklahoma University, and practiced in Seminole for 43 years. Black served in the military police during World War II. Blackwood was born June 24, 1901 at Muddy Fork, Ark., to Andrew Jackson Blackwood and Sarah Virginia Aylor Blackwood. Julian Wood, Phillip Parks, Clay Sparks, Senator Kelly Haney, Gary Stinnett and Don Raney. Tuesday at Little Cemetery under the direction of Swearingen Funeral Home. Graveside services for Nora Belle Waldrup Boatman, 68, are scheduled for 4 p.m. She was also preceded in death by her parents, one brother, and one son, Earl Wayne Boatman. She was born May 2, 1919 in Wanette to Pearl and Adali Burton. Burial will take place at Vamoosa Cemetery under the direction of Pickard Funeral Home of Konawa. They grieved together as Sarah Nicole was taken to Heaven before they could know her; also Tonya's parents made the journey to Heaven. Brazell, Worland, Wyo., and Gene Ray Aldridge, Cromwell; four daughters, Eula Johnson, Glenwood Springs, Colo., Leta J. White was preceded in death by her parents and one grandson. Survivors include one daughter, Joan Reed of Sand Springs, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Brent Bellamy identified two Pioneer speakers, a checkbook and photographs as his that were removed from his 1991 Chevrolet pickup. Graveside service and committal were at Klein Memorial Park in Tomball, Texas. 31, 1909 in Yale to John Wiley and Matilda Ryan Carroll. Carruth was owner of an oil field service and production company and was a cattle rancher. Caudle worked at Tinker Air Force Base until his retirement in 1976. Louis; one daughter, Cindy Jones, Shawnee; two brothers, Russell Caudle, Stephenville, Texas and Dewayne Caudle, Houston, Texas; one sister, Mozell Gibson, Escondido, Calif.; and three grandchildren. Chase moved to Seminole from Foreman, Ark., and was a resident for 63 years. He was a veteran of the United States Army, where he served as a Corporal During WWII. She was preceded in death by her parents; two husbands, Arthur Choate on May 20, 1976, and J. Survivors include four nieces, Glenda Barrett, Edmond, Nana Cornwell, Waco, Texas, Judy Vanlandingham, Tahlequah, and Terri Watson, Fort Worth; and one nephew, Bob Barrett, Vicksburg, Miss. Burial will be under the direction of Criswell Funeral Home. Clayton was preceded in death by his parents, two brothers, one sister and one grandson. Other survivors included one brother, Carl Hubert of Lake Charles, La., and one maternal grandmother, Martha Blackburn of Vidor, Texas. Other survivors include one daughter, Trevia Streater, Wewoka; two sons, George Cook and Don P. Pallbearers will be Zane Smith Jim Chadick, Clifford Cook, Gregory Cook, Michael Streater and Dewayne Streater. Copeland was also a former Konawa resident, before moving to Pueblo, Colo., where she worked as a hospital dietician for 30 years. Wednesday at Green Hill Cemetery in Davis with Finis Stillman officiating. Crane was a resident of Moore for about 40 years, where she was a retired bank teller, working at the former First National of Moore. Survivors include two daughters, Jo Ann Terrell, Wewoka and Billie Robertson, Pawcatuck, Conn.; six grandchildren, Vicki Steward, Newalla, Jerri Mc Grew, Broken Arrow, Lisa Robertson, Pawcatuck, Conn., Billy Garvin Jr., Newalla, Jeff Williams, Meterie, La., and David Garvin, Norman; five great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Burial was under the direction of Pickard Funeral Home. She was reared and educated in the Sasakwa area, and had lived in the area all her life. She not only taught the Bible but taught about life in the real world. Rita took care of her handicapped brother, Carl Winfrey, for many years. He had lived in the Maud area for some time before moving to Holdenville. Charles Welch of Owasso under the direction of Hunsaker-Wooten Funeral Home of Fairfax. to Jacob Simon Denny and Margaret E.(Morrison) Denny. On Oct, 11, 1937, he married Pansy Evelyn Villines in Fort Smith, Ark. He was a member of First Church of God and a lifetime member of American Legion Post 204, where he was past commander. He was preceded in death by one brother and several sisters. Wednesday at Little Cemetary under the direction of Cooper Funeral Home. Funeral services for Margie Bell Earnest, 93, mother of Cromwell resident Mary Domeda Musgrove, Cromwell, are scheduled for p.m. M; 31 grandchildren, 55 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. Kelvin Moseley will officiate, and burial will follow at Maple Grove Cemetery. Survivors include her husband, of the home; her parents, of Seminole; one son, Nathaniel Moran of Columbia, Mo.; one daughter, Amy Moran of Talequah, and one brother, David Raney of Alexandria, Va. She worked as an income tax accountant and a seamstress, and she had lived in Sasakwa her entire life, where she was a member of the Church of Christ. Interment will follow and is under the direction of Stout Funeral Home of Wewoka. 6, 1925 in Le Flore County in the Kiamichi Mountains to Doc and Victoria Edwards. Streater of Wewoka; one daughter, Elizabeth Cordoni of Wewoka; and nine grandchildren. 20, 1951 to Bearl Eidson and Eula Faye (Webb) Eidson. Eidson was a member of the Pentecostal Holiness Church and was a plant worker at Sunshine Industries in Ardmore. She is also predeceased by her parents, one brother, Ralph Whittet, one sister, Alice Whittet and two granddaughters, Donna and Tracy Ashlock. Pallbearers were John Paul Cosper, Kerry Dean Brinlee, Kraig Taylor, Rodney May, Daniel Taylor and Tommy May. He is survived by his wife, Neva, brother, Asa Erwin of Wewoka, sister, Jewel Eaves of Red Oak. Funeral services for Howard Yadon Evans, 74, are scheduled for 10 a.m. Evans died Saturday at Holdenville General Hospital. 11, 1922 in Cecil, Ark., to William Chelsey and Ethel Evans. Survivors include his wife, of the home; three sons, James C. He is preceded in death by his father and one brother, Richard Everhart. Grain Association Survivors include one son, Jack House, Seminole, one daughter, Jenny Null, Seminole and 14 stepchildren, two brothers, John Young and Harvey, both of Seminole, two sisters, Mildred Staggs, Ada, and Evelyn Mc Girk, Denison, Texas, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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The best source is Ancestry, where you will find census reports, images, death certificates, military documents and family members looking for the same stories you are looking for.

22, 1911, in Wewoka, where he lived most of his life. Oklahomas Mae Boren Axton, who wrote Elvis Presleys first big hit "Heartbreak Hotel," died at her home in Hendersonville, Tenn. She came to Oklahoma as a child in a covered wagon. Among the scores of musicians and entertainers who have named her as a mentor are Elvis Presley, Dennis Weaver, Willie Nelson, Mel Tillis, Reba Mc Entire, Kris Kristofferson, and many others. Barham, Sand Springs; one daughter, Deborah Lawson, Konawa; one sister, Nettie Glasgow, Tampa, Fla.; and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Barnes is survived by her husband of the home; mother of Lamont, Calif.; sons, Slifford Barnes of Okemah and Donald Barnes of Grove; daughter Susan Mead of Okemah; brother, Orval Moore of Lamont, Calif.; sisters, Dovie Rowan and Wima Rush, both of Lamont, Calif.; and 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. 12-10-97 Graveside services for Seminole resident Carl E. Thursday, at Rest Haven Memorial Gardens under the direction of Swearingen Funeral Home. Funeral services for former Seminole County school teacher Agnes E. Uncle Charles and Aunt Mary Mc Entire, of Shawnee, showed Tonya unconditional love that she cherished; Uncle Frank and Aunt Auda Anderson, of Earlsboro, urged her to always keep her eye on the Lord. George said those items were removed from his 1986 Chevrolet Camaro. After retirement he enjoyed hunting, fishing and travel. Casket bearers include Glen Haines, Jim Carruth, Phil Carruth Jr., Doug Shipman, Brian Knox and Randy Adkins. Louis resident Frank Junior Caudle, 71, are scheduled for 2 p.m. Graveside services for former Seminole resident Mary Jo Cayton, 68, are scheduled for 2 p.m. 10, 1929 in Seminole to Ed Duncan Brown and Forest Ola (Hodges) Brown. Survivors include four sons, Danny Powell, Woodbine, Ga., Eddie Powell, California, Jeff Cayton, Pleasonton, Kan., and Pete Cayton, Lone Jack, Mo.; three daughters, Debbie Anderson, Red Bluff, Calif., Charlotte Haskew, Kingsland, Ga., and Brenda Coen, Modesto, Calif.; one brother, Steve Brown, Oklahoma City; three sisters, Alma Flannery, Seminole, Betty Sandlin, Midwest City, and Cora Brown, Tecumseh; and 15 grandchildren. at Maple Grove Cemetery under the direction of Swearingen Funeral Home. Howard Clayton, 84 died yesterday in his Seminole home. When Clegg first entered politics in 1971, he quit his job as a worker for Independent Postal Service in Tulsa and hitchhiked to New Hampshire to enter the presidential primary. Retired as a tech sergeant after more than 21 years of service in the U. Air Force, Clegg was a member of the Bay Vista Baptist Church in Biloxi. Services will be held Tuesday in the Riemann Memorial Funeral Home in Biloxi with burial at the Biloxi National Cemetery with full military honors. Burial took place on Monday under the direction of Knight Funeral Home in Maud. at Crown Heights Christian Church in Oklahoma City. She was born to Si and Flossie (Eaton) Beckett in Wewoka. Friday at Lone Dove Cemetery under the direction of Stout Funeral Home Coleman died Wednesday at her home. Graveside services for Sasakwa resident Preston Coleman, 79, are scheduled for 11 a.m. Survivors include two sons, James Jacobs, Sasakwa and Dalen Jacobs, Lawton; one brother, Meril Coleman, Wright City; one sister, Winnie Lowhorn, Eugene, Ore.; seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Casket bearers will be Tommy May, Randy Osborn, Darrin Mize, Wayne May, Brent Jones, and Billy West. Tuesday at his home, three miles north and one and three-quarters miles west of Cromwell. Burial will follow in the Mack and Bell family cemetery, two mile west of Cromwell, under the direction of Stout Funeral Home. He worked for the city of Shawnee for a number of years and was a veteran of World War II. Pallbearers will include Rodney Starr, Steve Yargee, Sam Harjo Sr., Leon Bell, Isaic Walters and Chebon Walters. Pallbearers include Norman Moore, Kenneth Norman, Carl Raper, Ray Starkey, Jim Hayes and Mike Burris. 4/29/97 Ima Jean Thomas Curtis, 77, died at Shawnee Regional Hospital on Monday. She moved to the Macomb area as a small child and lived there until 1977 when she moved to Shawnee. He was in hospitals and nursing homes for the past 14 months. M., and George Lawson of Topeka, Kan., a daughter, Mary Lockhart of Hubert, N. Graveside services for Marylee Douthit, 63, are scheduled for 2 p.m. She was born on June 15, 1933 in Seminole to Theodore "Ted" R. She was also a member of the Communications Worker Union, the AFL-CIO Ladies Auxiliary and the P. Honorary casket bearers will be Steven Douthit Jr., Rickey Paulk, Dale Douthit, James Douthit, Mike Douthit, and Darrin Shulls. She also served on the board of the Konawa Health Center, a board member of the Kenneth Library and a member of the Konawa Chamber of Commerce. Survivors include his parents, five brothers, Warren Tebe of Tulsa, John Factor of Bethany, Schuyler Deal of Moore, Dennis Factor, Jr. Burial will take place at the Spencer Family Cemetery under the direction of Stout Funeral Home, Wewoka. He was preceded in death by seven great-grandparents, John and Alice Spencer, George Beaver, Bennie and Nannie Factor and Andy and Jonah Wise. Harris Sr., Long Beach, Calif.; two sisters, Nell R. Parris, Tulsa; four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Survivors include two sons, Alex Wilson Fish Jr., Tecumseh, and John Fish, Oklahoma City; four daughters, Donna Anthamatten, Terlton, Laquita Roberts and Laverna Fish Kionute, both of Okemah, and Edna Donnell Fish, Oklahoma City; two brothers, Maxey Fish and J. Fish, both of Wetumka; two sisters, Virginia Whitetree and Diana Moppin, both of Wetumka, and 16 grandchildren. Houck, both of Seminole; one daughter, Margaret Garner, Maud; eight grandchildren; 10 great-grand-children; and one great-great-grand-child. Funeral services for Wolf resident, Etta Lizziebeth House, 70, are set for 2 p.m.

Bly, Phoenix; three brothers, Wesley Alford, Weleetka, Sylvester Alford, Detroit, Mich., and Romeo Alford, Sapulpa; three sisters, Sunshyne French, Owasso, Violet Patterson, Tulsa, and Wessylyne Simpson, Langston; 11 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Internationally known Oklahoma songwriter died Wednesday at the age of 82. and Nannie Boren, she was the only daughter in a family of eight brothers. Over four decades, she wrote more than 50 songs that were recorded by major record companies. She was described by Boren, now President of the University of Oklahoma, as a "pied piper of young people who helped countless numbers of aspiring musicians to believe in themselves." "Some of them went on to become stars and others did not, but all of them were better off for having known her," he said. Burial will follow under the direction of Schumaker Funeral Home. She was born on May 15, 1932, in Okemah to Clarence and Dona (Ellis) Rowan. She was preceded in death by father; sisters, Beulah Piearcy and Lula Fay Ross. He was also a member of the Packard Automobile Club of America. He was preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, Edgar Baxter and Robert N. Memorials should be sent to the Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum in Seminole. Louis, Mo.; three grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Bishop was also a member of the Park Board, past president of the Lions Club, past president of Woodrow Wilson PTA, former member of the Seminole School Board and the Hospital Board. Other survivors include one daughter, Debra Black of the home and three sons, Omar Black, Denton, Tex., Manlyo Benton Black, both of the home, two sisters, Betty Woodruff of Ardmore, Okla. Funeral Service for former Konawa resident Pamela Kay (Mullins) Borel, 41, are scheduled for 2 p.m. Tonya's other family members include her precious brother Bill and Donna Allen of Sallisaw and sisters Sandra Nichols of Jonestown, Texas and Nancy Johnson of Round Rock, Texas. Todd George identified a green baseball bag and a black baseball bag containing miscellaneous baseball gear. In 1973 he moved to Houston, Texas where he retired from Brown and Root Construction Company after working over 50 years in the oil industry. Other survivors include six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Other survivors include ten grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Survivors include five sons, Herschel Cauthron, Owasso, Harrell Cauthron, Glenpool, Harlon Cauthron, Phoenix, Ariz., Alvie Cauthron, San Jacinto, Calif., and Grady Cauthron, Pinetop, Ariz.; four daughters, Ruth Sillings, San Bernadino, Calif., Shirlee King, Ada, Retha Houck, Shawnee and Margaret Varela, Grand Prairie, Texas; four brothers, Vernon Sluder, Blanchard, Jeff Sluder, Calif., Wayne Sluder, Rush Springs, and Roy Sluder, Calif.; 23 grandchildren and 39 great-grandchildren. Burial will take place at Oakwood Cemetery in Wewoka. Other survivors include two brothers, Jim Chadick of Wewoka and Harold Chadick of Seminole; 17 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. 12-23-97 Graveside services for former Seminole resident Louis Elmer Chase, 83, are scheduled for 10 a.m. He was second runner-up in the state competition last year. Pallbearers will include Adam Baker, Shawn Reeves, Chris Parker, ike Tenney and Jeff and Jason Park. Tom Clegg, a farm in rural Seminole, adopted Billy Joe. Using the campaign slogan, "Clegg Wont Pull Your Leg," he had announced in Mississippi last week that he intended to seek the presidency again in the year 2000. Funeral services for former Wewoka resident, Peggy Jean (Beckett) Cochran will be held Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. She was also preceded in death by her parents and one sister, Jo-Ann Phillips. Cochran, Oklahoma City, and Michael Cochran, Columbus Ohio; one daughter, Karen Renfrow, Edmond; and one brother, Si Dean Beckett, Arlington, Texas. Graveside services for long time Sasakwa resident Vera Elizabeth Coleman, 71, will be held at p.m. Honorary bearers will be Shannon Welch, Jason Welch and Jimmy Welch. He and wife Vera Elizabeth were married July 17, 1950 in Las Vegas, Nev. He was also preceded in death by one brother, "Son," and one sister, May. Collier was a longtime employee of The Seminole Company, and retired from Wrangler in 1997. Collier married Judy Kay May on November 29, 1963 in Seminole. J." Collier, all of Wewoka; and a host of brothers and sisters-in-law who loved him dearly. Funeral services for Wonnie Cosar, 81, are scheduled for 1 p.m. 24, 1916, in Wolf to Lopey and Sophrona (Powell) Cosar. Deere, Moore; two daughters, Alice Mack, Cromwell, and Anita Holuby, Oklahoma City; 15 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. He retired from oilfield work in l986; he worked in Oklahoma, Illinois, Colorado and Utah. Funeral services for Konawa resident Michael Raymond Cotner, 61, were held Tuesday morning at Pickard Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. He was a retired electrical and mechanical engineer for Brown and Root and Independent Oil Production. Survivors include one son, Michael Raymond Cotner Jr., Baton Rouge, La.; his parents, of Konawa; one sister, Betty June Belk, Brandon, Miss.; and four grandchildren. Other survivors include one son, James Cummings, Dallas and one daughter Myrtle Green, Yeager; three brothers, Bill Cummings, Gainesville, Texas, Perry Cummings, Arlington, Texas, and Jerry Cummings, Graham, Texas; one sister, Christeen Jones, Wewoka, three grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Curtis was born in Okmulgee on April 28, l920 to Curtis Peavler and Laura (Hall) Peavler. and wifr Loizell, Wetumka, Sharon Griffis, Spencer, Anthony De Wayne Griffis, Del City, Lori Grimes, Oklahoma City, Lane Grimes, Oklahoma City, Stacey and Kristy Lamirand, San Francisco, Calif., one adopted granddaughter, Brenda Eddy; 23 great-great-grandchildren and 18 great-great-great-grandchildren. Denny is survived by a daughter, Carol Carver of Fairfax, one granddaughter, and one great granddaughter. Dobbs, 91, died of natural causes on June 17, 1997. Dobbs was born July 10, 1905 near Tyron, in Lincoln County to Amos and Jenny Dobbs. In 1991 he moved to the Baptist Retirement Center in Oklahoma. Donnohue is survived by two sons, Grover Lawson of Hobbs, N. "Ken" Plotner of Midland, Texas, eight grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. She lived in Bowlegs for 26 years before moving to Shawnee. Douthit was an income tax preparer and a member of the Victory Tabernacle, Shawnee. Douthit was preceded in death by her parents and two brothers. Casket bearers will be Paul Hobia, Eric Douthit, Riley Wade Douthit, Joshua Gandy Douthit, Gene Bellows and James Zientek. She was a member of the Pioneer Study Club, treasurer of the Methodist Church, and a member of the First United Methodist Church. 2, 1914, in Muskogee, to Benjamin and Josephine (Tucker) Downing. Leah Noble Dozier, 92, of Seminole died Monday at a Shawnee hospital. Factor died Sunday in the Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City. Factor was born on May 12, 1997 to Dennis and Vicki Factor. Factor died Thursday at Carl Albert Indian Hospital in Ada. The baby is survived his parents of the home; maternal grandparents, James Dickinson, Stonewall, and Vita Dickinson, Wanette; paternal grandparents, Linda and Vernon Tripp, Wewoka, Jerry House, Waldon, Ark., great-grandparents, Wayne and Beatrice Bible and Robert and Onita House, all of Sasakwa.

Harry death: 6/9/1958* spouse: Acord, Harry residence: Montezuma, IA record: 23Acord, Joseph birth: 2/10/1844 death: 9/5/1913 spouse: Acord, Mary Welch residence: Deep River record: 24Adair, Eliza birth: 10/7/1847 death: 4/3/1921 spouse: Adair, James residence: Des Moines, IA record: 25Adair, Golda N.

birth: 6/21/1898 death: 8/28/1986 spouse: Adair, Ross residence: Grinnell, IA record: 26Adams, Albert D.