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Height discrimination is most common against shorter than average men and is generally accepted and ignored.

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Economists Nicola Persico, Andrew Postlewaite and Dan Silverman explained the "height premium" and found that "a 1.8-percent increase in wages accompanies every additional inch of height".Writing in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, Kitae said there are several reasons why woman are happier with a taller husand."One is the intrinsic value of height; that is, women simply like tall men, while unable to say why." "This is similar to people favouring fatty, salty, and sugary foods without knowing exactly why: such foods are essential to survival but were scarce as humans evolved – hence craving such foods increased reproductive fitness in the past." According to Kitae, women who go for taller men tend to be more fertile as a result: "The female preference for male height increased women’s reproductive fitness." "Women evolved to prefer tall men because they were perceived to be stronger, and naturally they are happy when they have what they like." "But as for other desired objects, pleasure from having them dissipates.An Examination of Height Preferences in Romantic Coupling," 48.9 per cent of women insisted on dating men who were taller than they were.Moreover, a 2007 study of some 2,000 personal ads revealed that "23pc of men compared to only 4pc of women would accept a dating relationship where the woman was taller".However, most of my female friends admit that it's still important for them to date or marry a man who is taller than them.