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Dating chinese ceramics

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Building on the gradual success of, first the unique small format 'Guide' (450 marks) published in 1987 and reprinted twice, and then the much acclaimed and more comprehensive 'Handbook' (1800 marks) published in 1994, this NEW and EXPANDED publication now contains TWICE the content with over 3,400 marks spread over 316 pages.

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Their content shows more diverse information or traditional symbolic meanings inherent to Chinese culture: Apart from the marks containing the reign name, there is a wealth of other marks with content that cannot be used for dating purposes.However, the name of the shop or manufacturer is hardy usable for dating Chinese ceramics.Certain marks from the the Ming and especially the Qing dynasties are frequently found on later porcelain, made to order for court officials or persons of high rank.An Inscribed Song Stoneware Bowl with Incised and Combed Petal Decoration. ISBN 0-906610-20-6) Illustrated on Page 23 Item 21.The Inscription Which is Contemporary With the Bowl Reads ‘While Eating’. JIN DYNASTY 1115 – 1234 or YUAN DYNASTY 1279 – 1368.We have also included marks copying the marks of earlier reigns, so they can be contrasted against the original Imperial marks. The British Museum Entry Further States “Some Pagodas in the Song Dynasty Were Made Entirely of Cast Iron.