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What to expect on a Jan Day Workshop Conscious Relationships Workshop To get an impression of a workshop with Jan, you can watch this video.Note that this workshop was filmed by prior consent.- if they take up the Satanic Religion and then perverted and degenerated by Satanism and thus the Purpose of Satanism - following the Policy of Poverty - The whole of society is destroyed and energetically vampirised as the fish rots from the head down in service of the Policy of Poverty, to maintain control of society for thousands of years.. Satanic Ritual Sexually, Homosexually, (plus MKULTRA mind kontrol Trauma, Drugs and Hypnosis - Used from Egyptian times) - Implanted Mind Control Energy Blockages from this and all your previous lifetimes can be removed by the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process of Level Two of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Live or by Video... You can understand why all mention of these techniques - The Kundalini Key, the Grounding of Negative Energies, Samadhi from the infinity of Chakras above the head - as part of the Meditational training have been consciously removed from the books and from all Traditional Meditations because - A picture of the Satanic ritual, The Cremation of Care - where United States Presidents, Politicians and their Oligarch Masters - "Grovers" - from the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Druids who all performed their Rituals in Groves - burn a baby on an Altar in font of a 40ft stone Owl (Dedicated to Minerva and thus Cybele - the State Religion of the Roman Empire) in front of a lake. Or do you prefer to come here, get what I hope is an honest, if generally cautious, analysis which you can then either accept or reject?Fake Gang Bohemian Grove Gaytriarchy WISE OLD OWLS including presidents of the USA plan on preying on the victim human race which cannot see in the darkness their propaganda and mind control creates so they can devour YOU!! My job is to try to present to you the truth as best as I can distinguish it - and see below the supporting evidence.Vajrayāna, Mantrayāna, Esoteric Buddhism and Tantric Buddhism refer to the Buddhist tradition of Tantra, an esoteric system of beliefs and practices that developed in medieval India.Vajrayāna is usually translated as Diamond Vehicle or Thunderbolt Vehicle, referring to the Vajra, a mythical weapon which is also used as a ritual implement.In 257 BC King Asoka said that in contrast to before, only two peacocks and a deer were killed to provide food in the royal kitchens and that in time even this would be stopped.By the beginning of the Christian era meat eating had become unacceptable, particularly amongst the followers of the Mahayana although the polemics against it in works like the Lankavatara Sutra indicates that it was still widespread or a least a point of controversy.

Before his enlightenment he had experimented with various diets including a meatless diet, but he eventually abandoned them believing that they did not contribute to spiritual development.underlines this point when it says that it is immorality that makes one impure (morally and spiritually), not the eating of meat.Infil-traition of Satanism is the methodology as slowly every Government Ministry and Societal function is taken over. The Satanist Pillars of Homosexuality, Pederasty, Drugs and Ritual Sex - both Hetero and Homosexual - are introduced overtly and the society is destroyed. I guess the education system isn't full proof indoctrinating your children into Bolshevik Communism...need more weapons to more quickly dumb down humanity...vaccines are all set up to make the tribe over at the Rockefeller medical industrial complex Billion a year....autism was practically unheard of until they started pumping babies with tainted vaccines to turn them into a bunch of handicapped chimps...The Ancient Enemy who counts meditation and the mind control psychic arts as one of its main planks of World Domination has used Satanic Infil-Traitors for 10,000 years in every Organisation - Religion, Left and Right Politics, Dynastic Families, Geopolitics, Economics, Universities, Intelligence Services, Think Tanks, Banking, International Companies, Eugenics - When I suddenly stopped believing in the Lie I did not begin to think differently - I saw differently, as if something was gone from the world or gone from between me and the world which had always been there. Congress: Union of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, The Dove, swallowed by Rothschilds and minions such as Morgans, Rockefellers etc. If you really think that my analysis is a form of softness or passivity then you really misread me and the purpose of this site.Tantric text dating from the 7th and 8th centuries onward, frequently recommend both drinking alcohol and eating meat and both are considered fit to offer to gods.This was probably as much an expression of the freedom from convention which Tantra taught as it was a protest against Mahayanists to whom practices like abstaining from drink and meat had become a substitute for genuine spiritual change.Conscious Relationships (for couples and singles) 8 - 14 July Findhorn Foundation, Scotland Book here Living Tantra 1 1-8 September, Sussex Book at [email protected] [email protected] Relationships Vacation workshop at Cortijo Romero in Spain for singles and couples Book here view all calendar dates If you'd like to feel more connected with yourself, with your friends, with people you meet ...