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Keep in mind that finance and accounting departments exist to support and track operations and should not create obstacles to consistent processes and business practices.To successfully merge financial systems to support a consolidated business environment, companies should do the following: 1.Improving ERP integration is often the first solution attempted by companies faced with poorly coordinated systems.Read the articles in this section to get a handle on the benefits and drawbacks of ERP integration before deciding on an ERP strategy.Alternately, you might find that some of your current financial practices are based on outdated compliance issues that have been superseded by new legislation or internal controls. Choose a consolidated system that takes your company's IT roadmap into consideration.If your company is mobile-friendly, make sure that the system has mobile apps across multiple platforms."The main reason to bring these systems together was the acquisition, but we were also looking at how to bring employees together.

The job of integrating the heterogeneous Oracle ERP systems fell to Balaji Rangaswamy, now Ricoh Americas chief information officer (CIO), and formerly IKON vice president of enterprise solutions. Acquiring IKON meant Ricoh had to streamline the overall IT infrastructure, as well as enable employees to be more efficient, and Ricoh's strategy for accomplishing these goals included bringing the systems together, Rangaswamy said.

Many companies keep adding ERP systems rather than face the question of consolidation.

But the problems that disparate systems often create are forcing many organizations into a reality check.

For any organization that undertakes a review of its technology infrastructure, it is important to identify different stake holders and understand that consolidation results in benefits with different pace, nature and order of magnitude.

An organization embarking on technology consolidation can expect benefits at three levels: In order to initiate an IT consolidation project, which can be a complex, time-consuming and often painful process, the key challenge is to find the right internal champions at appropriate organization levels at the opportune time.