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Consolidating debt versus bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy is the process established to allow individuals and companies to eliminate or “wipe out” their debts, under the guidance of the courts.

Getting started with debt consolidation means contacting a debt consolidation service and having them assist you with your debt.

If your debt is all credit card debt, it may be possible to, with the aid of a debt consolidation service to work out a payment agreement with the credit card companies.

However, if you have a title loan and need to keep the vehicle or other creditors, the debt consolidation service will probably not be able to help you.

Debt consolidation services work as the middleman between the debt owner and the creditors, contacting the creditors and requesting reduced payments so that the debt owner can begin paying off money that is owed.

Filing for bankruptcy, on the other hand, is a legal process during which you block creditors from your finances as you attempt to re-establish yourself financially.