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A methodology for validating software product metrics

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Fabrication processes which add material using a variety of “3D printing” type processes to create a final part or item geometry with a minimum of secondary processes required.

The technologies involved have previously been associated with rapid prototyping, but when these technologies are able to directly produce parts for products, additive manufacturing is a better description.

At the conceptual level, goals are set prior to metrics collection.

Active listening involves paying careful attention to what is being said, then rephrasing that information and feeding it back to the originator to ensure that what you think you heard is what they meant.

Thus, software measurement gives rise to software metrics.

Metrics are related to the four functions of management: Metric Classification Software metrics can be divided into two categories; product metrics and process metrics.

First, the process of risk management is an ongoing iterative process. The business environment is constantly changing and new threats and vulnerabilities emerge every day.

Second, the choice of countermeasures (controls) used to manage risks must strike a balance between productivity, cost, effectiveness of the countermeasure, and the value of the informational asset being protected.